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    Welcome to Prana Mama

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    Welcome to Prana Mama

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    Welcome to Prana Mama


What's on offer...

Yoga to support pregnancy, the postnatal period with baby and life in general...


Our 'Yoga for You' classes are open to everyone - you, me, us, we, all are welcome.This is a dynamic...
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Don't practice yoga to to get better at yoga, practice yoga to get better at living....
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Pregnancy and childbirth is usually an exciting and transformative time in a woman’s life but it can...
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Congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for considering ‘Prana Mama Yoga’ to support you as ...
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After nine months of pregnancy and giving birth your body has gone through immense changes and while...
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Reasons to Choose Prana Mama Yoga

Our Main Factors

Build strength and flexibility

Calm the mind

Connect with body, mind and spirit

Improve overall wellbeing

Experience more peace and joy in your life

Feel supported

Make friends and have fun

Relax and let go

Lis Barron


I am a mum of two and established Prana Mama Yoga in 2012 to offer Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga in the Inverurie area.  As classes grew and the friends and families of my students became interested too – Yoga for You, Postnatal with Baby Yoga, and bi-monthly Yoga events were introduced also.

I began practising Ashtanga Yoga over 12 years ago while working in the corporate world of PR and communications.  It was a perfect practice to maximise time – strong and physical with the added benefits of leaving class with a clear head and a relaxed state of being.

When pregnant with my second child and unable to get to a Yoga class, I completed a Diploma in Pre and Postnatal Yoga with Jane MacKarness.  This was more to learn how to support myself during pregnancy than to pave the way to teach.

In 2014 I went onto achieve a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification with the Classical Yoga School, Scotland.  The training was under-pinned by the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga tradition and covered yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting and philosophy.

Then in 2016 I trained with Rainbow Kids Yoga to become a certified Family and Kids Yoga teacher and last year I qualified as a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator.

Yoga is so much more than just a physical practice for me.  With a focus on breath work and meditation and keeping the principles and wisdom of Yoga in mind, this ancient yet relevant practice permeates every aspect of my life.

06 Oct 2019

An Attitude Of Gratitude

Join myself and Rona Main for a morning of Yoga and our theme ‘An Attitude of Gratitude' on Sun 6th ...
21 Jun 2019

Soak Up The Solstice

Join Rona Main and myself for an evening of Yoga in the great outdoors to celebrate the Summer Solst...
08 May 2019

Ibiza Yoga Retreat May '19

LET YOUR LIGHT SHINEWe had the most fantastic time on this retreat.  Our guests (and us teachers - m...

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What our clients say
  • The yoga class adapts to everybody’s level.  You can just do as much as your body needs or feels that day.  There’s no judgement and you feel confortable at all times.  Lis encourages you to try new positions but always ensuring that they are right for you and at your own time.  She makes you feel valued and confident.  Very approachable, she creates a very friendly atmosphere.  The room is spacious.  The value for money is good.  I would recommend this class to everyone, not only because of the physical element, but also it teaches you how to feel calm and happy and this is something you always take home with you to keep you going during the busy week ahead.  I think it is not just doing exercise but a lifestyle. Namaste.

  • After doing pregnancy yoga with Lis I couldn’t wait to start the postnatal class with my new baby.  Lis’ teaching style is great, you can work to your own level and she creates a very relaxed atmosphere so you can leave all your troubles at the door and just chill out for an hour.  The postnatal class is a good combination of mummy and baby yoga and again Lis creates a lovely atmosphere where no one judges and the babies needs come first. Pregnancy yoga really helped me and now I am enjoying taking part in a lovely class creating beautiful memories and special time with my little girl!  Thank you Lis!

  • I started yoga with Lis because one of my friends invited me along.  I signed up for a term thinking it wouldn't be my thing but here I am 3 or 4 terms later and absolutely loving it.  This is my once a week 'me time', away from the kids, to relax, unwind & forget about the dramas of the day, it's great for de-stressing. I started as a complete beginner and am enjoying learning the various poses and stretches, every week I leave feeling better both mentally and physically. I can't recommend the classes enough.

  • I found the classes to be a massive support mentally and emotionally, particularly in the early stages of my pregnancy.  As an older mum, I was in a state of disbelief about my pregnancy initially, and frightened to get too excited in case something went wrong.  The classes really helped me to get into that headspace that you’re pregnant and this is what’s happening.  I also found it helped me to build a support network – spending time with other mums-to-be over the weeks progressively allayed my fears and strengthened my confidence.

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