Postnatal Yoga

After nine months of pregnancy and giving birth your body will have gone through immense changes.  You will be recovering on many levels and also adjusting to life with a new baby.  While this period can be a time of great excitement it can also present feelings of loneliness and insecurity.

When embarking on this new chapter looking after yourself naturally puts you in a better place to care for your baby and your wider family.

Attending a postnatal yoga class will help to restore energy levels, balance emotions and re-build your strength and stability.  It can also provide precious time for building the foundations of a healthy relationship with your baby.

Prana Mama Yoga’s postnatal classes always honour your stage of postnatal recovery and offer a mix of gentle and dynamic yoga postures, as well as meditation and breathing exercises.  They also provide a comforting link with life before baby.

In particular, Prana Mama Yoga aims to help you:

  • Improve posture and rebuild body awareness,
  • Regain tone in pelvic floor and abdominals to build core stability,
  • Relieve lower back pain, stiff neck, tightness in shoulders and upper back,
  • Learn restorative breathing and relaxation techniques,
  • Make friends and share experiences.

Women can start postnatal yoga from eight to twelve weeks depending on the type of birth they experienced.  Please ensure that you have the go-ahead to resume exercise from your health visitor, GP or consultant.  Complete beginners or those who have practised yoga for years are most welcome.

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